piątek, 25 lutego 2011

Throw The Fish released and some new thoughts...

Yes, it really happened. There lasted only 2 weeks from release of Graviracers and there is another game from Toffu Games in the App Store! Throw The Fish was accepted today morning, I'm really excited to see it in the store and can't wait to read some reviews. I hope someone will like the game.

You can see it on the iTunes over here:

The final icon of Throw The Fish looks like that:

I'm really curious if great iPhone review portal - slidetoplay.com will decide to post some review of Throw The Fish, would be nice to see one!

So, awaiting tomorrow and some comments from the players - will comment on that for sure.

The more important news is... we have just started working on completely new, awesome game! We are making it in cooperation with Evil Indie Games, so you can expect something really outstanding.

Stay tuned and look forward to hear some more announcements soon.

Remember to download your own Throw The Fish on your iPhone / iPod / iPad.

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