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Start before morning - pre publish promotion

Throw The Fish is already uploaded to the AppStore and is "awaiting review". I haven't got so much problems with uploading as in case of Graviracers. Thanks Apple that you read my email and fixed the issue.

Everyone would say - now it is time to open the beer, turn the tv on and sit comfortably on the sofa. But I'm not so sure it is. I haven't made any promotion of Graviracers so to have comparison I would like to do this for the Throw The Fish (which I personally think has better gameplay and is more eye catching).

Constant improvement is very important, so in case of second game I should do more. Let's start with pre publish promotion, as many "how to promote your iPhone game in 24 hours" sites advice to. I've recorded one movie with my camcorder and immediately publish it to the youtube.
Movie just shows the normal gameplay - intro, menu, practice and few levels. Simple how to play.
If you like, you can take a look:

Than I started with other promotional activities: creating twitter account:

looking for some "iphone recommendations forums" and so one.
One of the interesting forum I found:
And there is the thread about upcoming iPhone releases so that's what I exactly need!
Great. so I only need to post my promo video and few words and application will be pre publish promoted!

Just because of curiosity I took a look on some posts and finally I found some promo video of one of upcoming games. I know it is not good promotional move from my side to publish video of another game, but I think it is so important from educational point of view, so please take a look:

Nice done, isn't it?

Ok, so to align to this quality level I needed to record another movie. Not using my old fashioned iPod Touch 2 with poor CPU, but grabbing directly the Unity gameplay (to have performance similar to iPhone 3G or 4). I found many interesting posts about grabbing the screen for recording iPhone like screencasts from dektop, but finally it turned out that graphics card of my beautiful Macbook Pro cannot perform well when cursor is overlaid by some external app (did you know that it is not possible to change cursor in Mac OS???). If you are interested about producing high quality iPhone like demo video, please read:

Very nice tutorial, but turned out not to be useful for me for two reasons: I needed landscape mode which is not suported in simfinger and performance was to low. I simply decided not to buy any commercial screencast software and use build in Quick Time Player to grab whole screen and than using IMovie where I just cropped the video properly. Added some suspense and music from Throw The Fish game and there it is the result:

Now it is time to publish some posts about upcoming release, I will let you know when it is ready and if I have learnt anything new.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I do believe that simple Facebook like button(I paid for it) with in the game can make it famous. Since we all like to show off with what we have or bought :)