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Here comes the sun - I love zombies!

It is almost one month since I released the first game in the App Store. I could have said I have learned a lot, I could have said it was great fun, but... But I would say it is time to do better, it is time to make more spectacular games. Let's call it...


Have you heard about The Beatles? I'm sure yes. So, I've just finished reading the really huge The Beatles anthology (my very pleasant birthday's present). Like this one:

Really interesting book, showing awesome, amazingly talented people who had suffered from constant pressure of their own ambitions and public / fans expectations. "In a prison of their own talents" - I would say.
One more thought comes to mind - the things in new configuration give new quality. Each single thing, each single person has its / his own properties but in confrontation with other things / others it / he gains completely new abilities and values.  Like The Beatles did.

I needed new quality, new point of view and suddenly, during some discussion over skype with my brother there have born the new game idea. Michas is excellent graphic, he is excellent game designer and the one who can put some fresh air into iPhone games world. So I would like to work with a gaming genius and do my best to make new, high quality and high enjoyable game.

My brother have said - "We should kill thousands of zombies, we should save pretty girls and earn a lot of money. Visit many locations, see the progress and hear the fucking loudly sounds of rockets and explosions. Flying heads and arms, this would be the fun". Maybe not exactly, but something like this.

Let's have fun with cardboard zombies and flying heads, why not.
We should call it "I LOVE ZOMBIES", nice title isn't it?

We would be The Beatles of mobile games, finally we would.
Just take a look on the very first screen shot of  "I love zombies" UI.

It will be very simple game, but everything will explode and fly over there. As Sylwia said:


That is why we would like to have everything fall, explode and the blood splat a lot :). 
Now it is time to sing a song... It's getting better all the time! 

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