niedziela, 24 kwietnia 2011

This looks like my brand new myspace with songs which I'm composing for I love zombies game.
Most of them are done using nano studio on old school ipod touch. However this gives really great fun.

środa, 6 kwietnia 2011

I Love Zombies update

What I can say is that my brother - Michas is doing really hard and good job drawing all these fancy creatures and things for I LOVE ZOMBIES game. All this stuff is so time consuming, but we do well, so now we have most of game logic finished and almost 2 of expected 10 levels done. Not so bad I think considering the really high quality of the drawings.

Just to post some new pictures:

Shop view:

Level II - Back to school (Reminds me of the school I used to go to 20 years ago...)

 Isn't that impressive? I'm really, really impressed with my brother work! Love his drawings!

And as some side note: Neon Bounce does not sell well, but, what's extremely nice for me, it took some very nice comments, just let me quote the one from US itunes:

"Very interesting physics puzzle with lots of little tweaks & surprises that make this fun & original. Wish it had online achievements via openfeint or gamecenter."