środa, 16 lutego 2011

First iPhone release... Graviracers in AppStore!

It took quite a long time to realize that the really things, really art and really fun come mostly with Apple products.
Android is already penetrated, I published something like 12 free apps, earning few hundreds dollars thanks to adverts (admob).
Lets point some of them: Monkey Spanker, Make Me Hot, Bazooka Task Killer, Road Hogs, Hold One 3D, Piece Of Cake, Saints And Bastards, Words Emperor (global crossword :) ), Zentrobal, Decide!, Golden Ear and few more...
Simply look for the Other Apps Are Craps in the android zoom or whatever android market client:


This was simply fun and few whiles spent in front of my laptop with green line of dead pixels...

With my wife we also made some really nice, high quality Android app: Cartoon Gang. We were placed on the 9th place in Android Developer Challange 2 in social apps category, it was 2009 year and we won quite nice Nexus One device from Google, thx Google.

Cartoon Gang was advanced tool for creating and publishing cartoons directly on mobile phone, check the video:

We spent many nights on it and learnt very very much, so it was worth indeed to have it done. Thanks Sylwia!

Finally my brother showed me Unity and I have fallen in love. Really.
It took me one month to have it learnt, bought the mac, bought Unity iOS license, borrowed the old iPod Touch 2 and published the game to AppStore!
I was sleeping not so much during this month, since I have full time job, but it was worth to do it. Listening music and having fun with 3D models in Blender, Unity scripts, finally composing own music for the game... Nice sleepless nights :).

It was great month, now you can check my first iPhone game - Graviracers:


The concept of game is quite simple - do not steer the vehicle, but rotate the world and let it drive gravitically - the steepess road - the faster car drives. There is career mode, upgrades, changing gravity feature and quite funny obstacles like i.e. buses.


Have fun and wait for my next... real blockbuster... Throw The Fish is comming soon! I will publish some new screenshots soon!

Check also youtube video for Graviracers:

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