piątek, 18 lutego 2011

Branding the app, what the hell the icon should look like?

It was quite much work, many sleepless nights to have the game finished. And now there it is.
So what has remained here is I need to prepare few screen shots, write few words and find the keywords for the game. Always the same, the most boring part of publishing the app...

Most boring or maybe most important? It looks like many brilliant people are so tired with their huge efforts they have put into app production so they do not have any more willingness to focus on such dull stuff like describing their absolutely supreme application.
I know this from my own experience, I have made the same many times.
I have failed many times and even I didn't know I was doing something wrong.

Nowadays it is not enough to make good product, including high quality - fitted for purpose. For sure it needs to have a nice, eye catching envelope. This is out of scope quality, it is not fit for purpose anymore it is completely useless but causes someone can take a look on the product itself.
Quality without users is useless, so this leads me to the new thought:

If you have made some high quality thing, be so nice to put it into nice envelope. Let people know about this product. High quality thrown into the rubbish bin is worse than low quality thrown to the rubbish bin, because it has consumed more resources and we should take care of the resources, right?

Well, Throw The Fish looks quite nice I think, just take a look on the menu screen:

I'm quite proud of the skinning and so on, it's the first time I've polished such details.
Ok, so the last thing is to prepare nice, eye catching icon. First thought - prepare some scene in Unity using included in game models - green fish obviously and take a screen shot. It will show the game and be quite nice 3d tricky graphics. Nice idea, isn't it? Small effort and possibly good results for people who cannot draw nicely.
I made as I decided and this was the result:

Simple, colorful, nice...
I took something like 15 looks on this icon and finally asked myself: Would you click such icon in iTunes to check what the game is about?

No, I wouldn't.

I asked myself once more: So what should be the icon to have you clicked it? What icons would you click? Prepare the one!

Simple, mysterious, not necessary showing the gameplay anyhow. Not too much elements, not to disturb with small details. Rather bigger spots of colors.

The previous icon was rendered using low poly models - I have such in the game and I don't have high poly model of the fish, so what to do? Work, work, work. Do it. Prepare some part of it at least! Do it!

So I started blender and modeled simple, very smooth sphere, added something smooth on the back of it, put the camera, rendered, imported to photoshop, drew few high res shapes and have finally something like this:

Yes, this one I liked better, more probable that I would click it. More probable, so what do you still need to have it clicked all the time? Hmmm, background should be more... eye catching I guess... Said - done:

And finally checking on the device that iPhone blend / light looks really nice on it.
So this is it, just ask yourself few times if it is good enough for you, only for you at first...

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