czwartek, 10 marca 2011

Android hangover

Just a very short update:
1) Graviracers is now available in android market, take it from here:

It is free because people with androids are not so rich, so let's give them some fun ;). Obviously the ugly advert will break whole look and feel down. It is not possible to have everything for free, man, isn't it?

Just download and press the advert to make me richer and richer ;).
 And the sad update now...
2) Android market becomes a real swamp like in idioteque... We found today publisher whi have copied 4 of games done by mkoss and 2 by other colleague. Guy decompiled the apk and only changed graphical images. Not so nice...

Last but not least: I'm thinking of another game. More logic I guess. So we continue with zombies, then heart of darkness and in parallel I'm thinking of some casual / puzzle game. Stay tuned.

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