sobota, 19 marca 2011

Simple joy with Neon Bounce

We are a bit busy with "I love zombies", but to be honest, Michaś is mostly busy since he is lead designer and conceptualist in this project. He is also only one who knows how the zombies and beautiful girls look like :).

That's why in the meantime I decided to make a "fast, simple physical game". You know - the ball, bounciness and some simple rules.
Developing the brand new concept turned out to be not so easy in this scope. I started with some "Rotors" and finally made the things simpler.
LEt's have the ball and let it to morph into cube and vice versa. Ball is bouncy and cube is not. Ball is lightweight and cube is heavy (so use it to destroy some walls, etc.!!!).

I prepared the very fast prototype, used some old graphics from Michaś and this was the result:

I found it  bit funny, but still - this wasn't the game I would download. Michaś and Sylwia criticised the graphical design of the game and finally Michaś gave me some ideas to think off, to try out. He's really good at stylish stuff, he knows how to make something uniqely looking :).
We focused on minimalism and some lighting effects. From the kids like game grew up the Neon Bounce game.  
So, I'm so glad to announce the Android release of Neon Bounce uniqe phycis game!
Simply get rid of yellow elements and have fun!. 18 levels in first release, if you like it, there will be more.
Icon looks like this:

And some screenshots for the impatient ones: 

Simply download from Android market and rate 5 :).

Zombies are around... In the meantime Neon Bounce will probably come to iPhone, but we are really focused on I love zombies release. Let's wait for real joy! 

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